How to create a buzz about your products and services.

I had previously talked about how listening to your clients and customers’ needs may be an effective tool in increasing brand recognitions and reputation. This week I will be discussing how talking can be also used as a primary objective in spreading awareness about your company’s product and services. I am also going to talk about how talking with the Groundswell differs from marketing. From there I will share 4 techniques on talking that I have learned from the “Groundswell”¬†book. I will follow this up with a video on how a company effectively uses one of the talking techniques and¬†how a company from the financial industry¬†might use these techniques to their advantage.

In regards to using talking as a primary objective in targeting your target market, you must find a way to effectively spread messages about your company. What I mean by that is you need to come up with some news using a creative way that engages your customers to talk and discuss with fellow individuals about your products and services. Now this differs a lot from using advertising and public relations, where you come up with commercials and get your brand recognized over television ads. This is a technique called shouting which can be very costly and although does aid in product recognition, it does not create any buzz about your products and services. One of the ways that a company used talking effectively as a primary objective to engage customers was through viral videos. A company called Blendtec started blending ridiculous items in there blenders that were products not normally blended which created conversation about their high end blenders. Although Blendtec charges a high cost for their product, it has proven to be capable of blending up heavy duty products as demonstrated  in this this video below. Blendtec blended an 3 tablets: Nexus 7, Kindle, Ipad!

As you can see this video has generated millions of views and has the YouTube audience speaking about their product. “Blendtec is up 700 percent since Blendtec’s Will it blend videos came out on YouTube” ( Li, Bernoff, Chap. 6, 2010). Now this is just one fascinating way to generate buzz about your company using talking. I will now briefly go over 4 techniques to consider when incorporating talking in the Groundswell.

  1. Post a viral video: Put an online video that allows people to discuss and share your company’s products and services. This was used effectively by Blendtec.
  2. Engage in social media networks and user generated content sites: Create a type of personality with social media sites like Facebook pages, Instagram, etc. to create a message people can share and talk about.
  3. Join the blogosphere: Have your staff write blogs about your company. “Integral to this strategy is listening to and responding to other blogs in the blogosphere. It`s one way of talking with blogs without having to issue press releases” (Li, Bernoff, Chap.6, 2010).
  4. Create a community:  A great way to interact with your customers. They are effective in delivering company messages to those who follow your product already.

How would you use talking in the private finance industry?

I would say the best way in using talking as a primary objective in spreading your companies products and services in the private industry would be through creating a community. What you could do is have a group/blog designated for your customers who use your company’s products and services. These customers would be able to discuss and engage with other customers about your products and have there questions asked and give feedback about where they feel you could do a better job. Having people engage about your product and services in a community¬†can lead to customers using word of mouth and ultimately bringing in more customers to your business.


Kaplan, A., & Haenlein, M. (2010). Users of the World, Unite! The Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media. Business Horizons, 53(1), 59-68.

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